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Grad School 1 – Leah 1, Part One

These last few weeks of Grad School have been…. challenging. I had a few projects that required more time than I dedicated and unfortunately, I paid for it. Luckily, we can resubmit assignments in this course (awesome!!!) so once I took the time to get it together, I exceeded requirements *insert know the girl emoji.*

Projects 4 and 5 were the worst assignments. The first was an excel project and although l am pretty moderate with excel, this assignment was definitely doing too much. The overall goal was to do a quantitative analysis – meaning gathering or recognizing data, performing mathematical calculations and interpreting what the numerical values meant. After totaling data, it had to be graphed, then analyzed, then manipulated. Finally, we had to write a summary, about 1 page long about what all the data meant. My professor did give us the data, so it was not hard to gather, but interpreting the data was a struggle. I scored a “meets performance requirements” aka a B and gave myself a pat on the back.

While I thought Project 5 would be easier, I wasn’t completely wrong and wasn’t completely right so you do the math, lol.  It was a paper, which is more my forte so I thought it wouldn’t take me long. The paper was a critical thinking assignment. We were asked to examine a case study  and decide what the company should do regarding the incident. At first glance, I thought it would be simple, but didn’t take into account how long it would take to evaluate the case. Getting started with this paper was the hardest part. So, after brainstorming and scratching it out ideas for about 2 hours, I decided to take a break. At the same time, my Dad called and I saw it as an opportunity to use his analytical mathematical skills for help. I emailed him the case study and within minutes, he had pretty much analyzed the whole case. I was amazed at how he was able help so quickly when I was stumped for awhile. In a matter of hours, I wrote the paper, edited the paper, sent it to both parents and a friend for revisions, and submitted it. Yesterday, I checked the grade and I passed with another “B”.

Shoutout to my Mom and Dad for helping a sister out!!!!

Now, we are beginning our final project and it’s a GROUP PROJECT. I am indifferent about group projects– if the class calls for it, okay, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too. But group projects online… that’s a new one. We have just begun week one.. and let’s just say, it’s been pretty productive, but also pretty interesting. The project is due mid-December and afterwards, I will have officially completed my first semester of grad school *insert happy dance.*

Stay Tuned… The Game Ain’t Over Yet!

Leah 1 – Grad School 0

When I graduated from Towson University in spring 2016, I had no intention of going to Grad School. I was the friend that thought I would go start my dream career fresh out of college. Boy, was I wrong!

See, I have dreams of helping to run my family’s production company. My mother, brother and I have always wanted to open our own business. My mom introduced us to the entertainment industry at a young age and both my brother and I have been fully amazed ever since. My mom and I are usually responsible for coordinating/planning family events so we felt it was only right that we go into business together.

So. Here we are. Present day. I’m halfway through my first graduate school course and I am so happy I made this decision. I attend University of Maryland University College online and I am getting my Master’s in Business Administration. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I work full time, as an event manager at a national park). I started classes early this month and let me tell you, it has not been easy. Getting back into the swing of things after not doing any school work for over a year was challenging. My first paper, which was the second assignment, really had me rethinking my decision of going back to school. I was pretty nervous about this paper, which is a first for me. As a communications major in undergrad, writing papers was pretty much second nature for me. I wrote papers almost weekly. But this one five-page paper in grad school shook my nerves. I sent this paper to three people to edit and get their feedback. To my surprise, all of them unanimously said they liked the paper and the content was interesting. This gave me a positive reality check but once I hit submit, I was so regretting seeing my grade.

A few days later, I got the notification that my professor submitted her grades for the paper. I waited until I got home from work to check the results. To my surprise, I received “Exceeds Performance Requirements” (which is an A but we don’t get grades since it’s a foundation course). I was extremely excited! I realized that all the stressing and pressure I put on myself was probably not necessary because I know the skills are already there. *toots on horn*

This first month of grad school gave me a reality check and restored my academic confidence. Despite taking classes online, I am doing a kick ass job if I do say so myself. I happily jumped back into the school spirit, because the journey is only beginning… The Game Ain’t Over Yet!


I am the fabulous Leah Franklin. I’m a Spring 2016 Towson graduate and am currently working on my MBA online at University of Maryland University College. I love planning events, so I much that I do it full time. When I’m not planning, I’m at the beach, in the mall or quoting ‘Love & Basketball.’ My hobbies include adult coloring, dancing and cooking.