Kelsey, “Legally Black”

Law student at the University of Virginia. Lover of all things pink. Always in an empire state of mind (even though she’s in her fifth year of living below the Mason Dixon). Whitley and Dwayne are her fave. Her parents are pretty cool, too. Dwell in possibility.

Leah Franklin, “She Got Game”

Leah Franklin is a Spring 2016 Towson graduate and is currently working on her MBA online at University of Maryland University College. She loves planning events, so much that she does it full time. When she’s not planning, she is at the beach, in the mall or quoting ‘Love & Basketball.’ Her hobbies include adult coloring, dancing and cooking.


Adrienne Resha

Adrienne is a PhD student at the College of William & Mary working on Arab and Muslim representation in superhero comic books.

You can find her on twitter: @AdrienneResha