Leah Franklin, “She Got Game”

Leah Franklin is a Spring 2016 Towson graduate and is currently working on her MBA online at University of Maryland University College. She loves planning events, so much that she does it full time. When she’s not planning, she is at the beach, in the mall or quoting ‘Love & Basketball.’ Her hobbies include adult coloring, dancing and cooking.



Law student at the University of Virginia. Lover of all things pink. Always in an empire state of mind (even though she’s in her fifth year of living below the Mason Dixon). Whitley and Dwayne are her fave. Her parents are pretty cool, too. Dwell in possibility.

Chardé Reid

Chardé is a first year M.A./ Ph.D. historical archaeology student in the Department of Anthropology at William and Mary. She received her B.A. in Archaeology in 2009 from the George Washington University. She has a wide range of archaeological field work experience, having worked on archaeological sites in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and Athens, Greece. She is interested in the relationship between landscape and memory in historically Black spaces. Chardé’s graduate research will focus on the intersection between race, identity, cultural landscapes, and materiality through community-based archaeology.


Shanisha is a passionate writer and soon-to-be grad student. She writes over at Honestly Me where she promotes transparency among women of color.

Joy Melody Woods

Joy is a masters student at the University of Iowa studying sociology of education and sport. She is a native Texan and loves all things southern cooking. She is an advocate for mental health and learning disabilities. Her writing can be found on and her podcast Morning Joy.

Twitter @smileitsjoy


Adrienne Resha

Adrienne is a PhD student at the College of William & Mary working on Arab and Muslim representation in superhero comic books.

You can find her on twitter: @AdrienneResha

My attempt at joining the Academy

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