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Grad School: 1, Leah: 2

I completed my hardest course to date: Financial Decision Making. In neither my undergraduate nor graduate career, have I ever been as challenged and perplexed as I was with this class. I know some students, (well most students) put some blame on their professor due to their teaching style or failure to explain the material. If you all were in the class, however, you would understand why I must also blame part of my frustration and difficulty with this course on him. But alas, I finished with a B! Who would’ve thought that right?

I am now on to MBA 630: “Leading in a Multicultural Global Environment”! In this class I will examine issues that relate to contracts, employment law, and potential civil and criminal liability. I will also get the chance to make recommendations on the best legal and organizational structure for a new business (my own)!

Week one started last week and I am already loving this class. I typically do much better in classes that require more papers and less math.

After the intros, we took a quiz to determine where our “business brains” are currently. We then compared our results to those who already have their MBA’s. My score was not too far off from the “masters,” but it did show where I should focus this semester. In addition to taking this quiz, we were also required to complete a GAP analysis. A GAP analysis is something I am now very familiar with since each class has made it a point to complete. The analysis helps you determine where you are, both businesswise and personally, on a scale of 1 to 7. Usually, the GAP analysis is completed twice each semester: once in the beginning and again at the end of the course. The goal is to honestly rank yourself and see where the “gap” is. Once you know, that is what you will work on for that particular semester. This semester I am working on how best to analyze legal documents and how to effectively handle a possible legal dispute in regards to a given company.

This week our task is to analyze three different cases and determine legally and ethically who is at fault and what the consequences should be. The deliverables are three power points (YES!). I guess you could say I get my chance at both being a lawyer and a manger this week.

Once I complete this course, I will be just two classes away from being Leah T. Franklin, MBA and I am thrilled!

In the work world, things are moving very quickly! This type of work requires focus, but also flexibility as things change all the time. With this position, and in this current class, I am learning that being able to adjust to any circumstance is what could separate you from everyone else. And so, I am taking on this mindset as a challenge that I will complete.

Till Next Time, The Game Ain’t Over Yet.

Life, Joy & Grad School

The last six months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, highs and lows and wins and losses that my life has EVER been. Despite this thing called life trying to run me over… I THRIVED!

Since we last spoke, I successfully planned and executed my Inaugural Rentals Open House at my the Park. It went very well and received high praise. Not long after this event, I was presented with an opportunity to take my talents to a new level and I accepted the challenge. I no longer work at the National Park and am now a Meetings Coordinator for government agencies under an events management company. This job more directly related to my overall goals so taking this step made the most sense. So excited for this career move and will so keep you updated.

Grad School is kicking. my. butt! Really its only one class but because the class is in a subject matter of math and accounting; I am constantly telling myself “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” The previous course ended well and the course that starts in a couple weeks seems so interesting so I just have to keep pushing to get to next class. My current financial decision making work load reminds me why I switched my major at Towson from Business Administration to Communications. But since I do not have that option (bummer), I have just done my best and turned in all assignments.

Lastly, I celebrated my 25th birthday and mannnn..  I feel so much more “instant adult,” it’s crazy. I am so blessed and grateful for all things accomplished the first quarter century of my life.

Till Next Time,

The Game Ain’t Over Yet

Grad School – 1 Leah – 1 Part Two

First things first, sorry for the wait, life. LOL

But Happy New Year!!!

So the group project I wrote about last time, actually went much better than I expected. We came together to analyze how effectively the leadership of Chipotle handled the E.Coli Outbreak in 2015. Our professor enjoyed our analysis (no really, all positive feedback from the professor, lol) and gave us an “A”.
We were all pretty happy about the overall project, thanked each other for the hard work and went our separate ways. It’s pretty awesome how a people who have never met are able to collaborate (with the help of technology, of course) and pull together a research paper and a narrated presentation.

I finished the class with an overall “B” which is dope because it’s what I expected (know thyself, lol). So there, first semester of Grad School COMPLETE *insert fireworks*!!!! I made it! Thanks to the best support from my family and friends, and I mean the best support, one down 5 semesters to go!

Winter sessions start soon. This course is expected to be a bit more intense but I’m so ready. The classes I am taking are actually interesting because they are helping me determine steps needed to achieve the production company dreams.

Speaking of dreams, work is going well! I am currently planning my first baby at my job. It’s an inaugural Rentals Open House. Visitors will be able to sample catered specialties, chat with local vendors about future event plans, and visit studios onsite for gifts and décor for their event. Most of the planning is done, just cant wait to execute it. The open house will kick off the season this year and I am excited to launch this first time ever event!

Full Speed Ahead….
Second Semester starts soon….
Stay Tuned………..The Game Ain’t Over Yet.