Most Viewed Posts of 2018

Top Guest Posts of 2018

  1. Will I Die Alone: For Black Girls Who are Hopeless Romantics When Degrees Aren’t Enuf by Korey Johnson
  2. Take 1: NYU Bound by Micah Watson
  3. Black Girl Does Oxford by Kristen Barrett
  4. The Art of Self Care as a Black PhD Student by Sharde’ Chapman
  5. Black Girl Doesn’t Do Grad School by Taylor Lamb

Top Posts by Ravynn in 2018

  1. Week 2: On Rejection and How to Deal
  2. Week 3: Comprehensive Exams Advice
  3. Week 13 or How to Write a Comps List
  4. Week 14: My Scholarly Philosophy
  5. Making the Digital Physical: AADHum’s “Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black” Conference

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